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Ken Reid - Complete Wham! Smash! And Pow! Vol 01


Ken Reid - Complete Wham! Smash! And Pow! Vol 01
Ken Reid - His complete Wham! Smash! and Pow! strips

Released 11th Jan 2019

Ken Reid!  His complete WHAM! SMASH! AND POW! strips Volume 1:  Frankie Stein and Jasper the Grasper.

With introductions by Steve Holland, Antony J. Reid and Irmantas Povilaika.

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Ken Reid

Back in the 1960's and 70's, Ken's pages stood in splendid isolation above the work of his fellow cartoonists - they were unique and had a style unto themselves. True, they may have been a superficial similarity to the work of Basil Wolverton in some of Ken's weird faces, but it was more the 'weirdness' that was similar, as opposed to the inking or storytelling aspects of Ken's art. Other cartoonists gave readers things to laugh at, but Ken also gave them things to cringe at and linger over - great dollops of grotty grotesqueness to study while they chuckled. The strips that he drew for WHAM!, SMASH! and POW! - three of the five comics published in Odhams Press in the swinging 60's and collectively known as Power Comics - have never been equalled, and reveal one of UK's top cartoonists at the peak of his creativity.

So marvel at the complete collected strips of Ken Reid when he was firing on all cylinders, in the limited edition two-volume set that is long overdue in the minds of those who were fortunate enough to have read these strips when they were first published in the 60's - or in later reprints - and have desired to see them collected in a deluxe, hardcover format ever since. Even if you're too young - or were otherwise too occupied - to have seen the magnificent artwork contained in this classic collection before, you're sure to recognise and appreciate unparalleled brilliance when you finally focus your awestruck orbs upon it. Boy, are you in for a treat!