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The Rise and Fall of The Trigan Empire: Volume 2

Released 24th Dec 2020

Volume 2 in the series.

Mike Butterworth
Don Lawrence & Ron Embleton

The second thrilling omnibus of the best-selling sci-fi classic from the 1960s!

Among the distant stars, fractious tribes come together to found a mighty empire that will wage war against aggressive kingdoms, battle alien invaders, and conceive of incredible new technologies. This extraordinary volume continues to chart the glorious Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire!

A landmark in British comics history, painted by the legendary Don Lawrence in stunning, classic style, and springing from the grandiose pen of Mike Butterworth, this is an epic tale that creates a new far-future science fiction mythos that captured the imagination of a generation. This is the second volume in the series collecting all of Lawrence’s work on The Trigan Empire, which is long out-of-print and difficult to find. 

Printed in large format to showcase the lush fully-painted colour artwork, this edition features an introduction from the Don Lawrence’s former apprentice, Chris Weston (The Twelve).

Stories included are:

- The Three Princes
- The Alien Dust
- The Lost City
- The Terror of Mount Spyx
- The Invisibility Ray
- The Ultimate weapon
- The Tyrant
- The Red Death
- The Puppet Emperor
- The Five Labours of Trigo
- The Brief Reign of Sennos the First

Collecting stories from Look & Learn 24th May 1968 – 7th November 1970 and the Ranger Book for Boys 1968


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