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Major Eazy Volume One: The Italian Campaign Exc. Hardcover
Major Eazy: Volume One - The Italian Campaign

Released 3rd Mar 2021

 This limited edition hardcover is available exclusively from the 2000 AD webshop.

Alan Hebden
Carlos Ezquerra

Now, collected in order for the first time, Rebellion is proud to present all of the adventures of legendary character Major Eazy - remastered and from the beginning! 

In 1976, the iconic star character created by writer Alan Hebden and comics maestro Carlos Ezquerra debuted in the pages of bestselling British war comic, Battle Picture Weekly.

Eazy is a laconic, laid-back British Army officer during the Second World War who has a total disregard for authority or protocol. Based on actor James Coburn’s performance in 'The Magnificent Seven', Eazy was one of the most popular characters from Battle, his irreverence and coolness under pressure earning him legions of fans as he went on to command the band of convict commandos know as the Rat Pack.

Starting with his first appearance, Major Eazy: The Italian Campaign will take readers from the pulse-pounding invasion of Sicily to the German surrender at Brenner Pass, collecting all of his adventures in the Italian theatre. Rebellion’s experienced reprographics team has also restored all of the strip’s colour pages, which have never before been reprinted.