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Misty: Book 3

Released 19th Sep 2018

Eduardo Feito & Jordi Badia Romero


As sunlight slips away, making room for the night, the children of the mists venture forth from the shadows and seek out new stories to weave into the tapestry of the dream world.

In this shiver-inducing anthology, Misty presents a series of tales that are bestial nature, such as....


After her parents die in a car crash, a baby girl is rescued by a wolf who had recently lost a cub of her own. Two years later, soldiers on a military exercise find the child and bring her back to civilisation. Now in her early teens, the girl (called Lona) discovers all about her wild origin from her adopted parents. As Lona’s bestial nature starts to resurface, she finds herself increasingly alone and at odds with the world around her…