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The Cor!! Buster Humour Special


The Cor!! Buster Humour Special

Released 17th Apr 2019

Prepare to guffaw and giggle your way through the all-new Cor!! & Buster Humour Special from the Treasury of British Comics - out now!

Taking the greatest comedy characters British comics has to offer, the new special bring old favourites into the 21st Century and is guaranteed to raise a smile!

Amongst the talent bringing the fun back to funny comics is John Freeman and Lew Stringer, with their strip “Who’s In Charge?”, featuring a hilarious host of comics’ greatest editors (including a certain Tharg The Mighty) to work out just who is responsible for putting the comic together!

Alec Worley, Cavan Scott, John Freeman, Matt Smith, Karl Stock, Grainne McEntee, Lizzie Boyle, Ned Hartley, Paul Goodenough, Robin Etherington, The Feek & Lee Langford
Pye Parr, Tiernen Trevallion, Abigail Bulmer, Steve Mannion, Tom Paterson, Sammy Borras, Tanya Roberts, Lew Stringer, David Follett, Mike Hoffman, Andy W. Clift, Edward Whatley & Mick Cassidy
Simon Bowland, Jr. Senior, A. Mann, Ozvaldo Sanchez, Seymore Close, Moe Money, Leila O'Millar, Telford Porter, Oz, Karl DeCoy & Amber Cecilia
Cover Artist
Neil Googe